ohcinnadee's Journal

There isn’t much to say about me other than a crazy young girl with the dumbest imagination! I’m not really unusual, just really ‘fun’ to talk to every now and then, or so I heard. (I am not boosting my popularity here *giggles*) I love the fact that I am from Somalia and I am not ashamed of it! I don’t care what people usually think of me since I just laugh in their faces. I adore singing (in the shower), dancing and learning about my religion. I live in the greatest city in the entire world, Boston! Take the shame I live here and you don’t!

What are my interests? I say, I say. I love writing fan fiction about nearly anything, other than Twilight. My brand new obsession are New Kids on The Block, of course they are like my heroine. My crack-ass-whole. I adore them, their music, and their hotness. Yummy. I like doing graphics in my spare time or chatting on even msn or aim. Either way I adore getting messages from people and communicating. So this is about it for my biography. Ciao! Big Thanks To The Amazing Minty_Peach who made the Layout and Bio Table.